Blackjack Frame Machines

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The Blackjack Frame Straightener Can Handle High Pulls Better Than Any Other Frame Machine.

Blackjack's Patented Vector Pulling Allows Up to 5 Pulls at Once, Anywhere.

Unibody Cars Need Multiple Pulls to Spread the Load and Prevent Tearing Metal.

The Blackjack Frame Machine Gives You Easy Access to the Entire Vehicle.

Three Pulls Out to the Side and Length Pulls on the Rocker.

The Best Auto Body Frame Machine Anywhere!

We call it a frame machine. What do you call it? 

A chassis machine, frame puller, frame rack, frame straightener? 

What ever term you use to describe the body shop equipment from Blackjack, we know what you're saying.

Blackjack's Vector Pulling frame machine allows up to 5 pulls at once, anywhere. No bulky towers to push around and get in your way.  Simply put, our auto body frame machine is Easy to use, Powerful and Fast.

We are the only manufacturer that offers expert training in your shop at time of delivery with each of our frame machines.  Features of our Frame Machine for Sale:

  • Big enough to fit trucks
  • Five pulls
  • Unlimited access to car
  • High Pulls, Low Pulls
  • Pulls anywhere you want

Vector Pulling Allows up to 5 pulls at once, anywhere. No bulky towers to push around and get in your way Easy, Powerful and Fast

  • Save panels, apron, radiator supports and rails
  • Each pull has 11.2 Tons capability
  • All pulls are individually controlled


The BlackJack frame machineis durable, compact, offers versatility, and is safe to use. What else could you ask for? Contact us today and one of our experienced sales representatives will be glad to answer any of your questions.

Watch the Blackjack in Action

Happy Customers

Read our Customer Testimonials about the Best Frame Machine on the market.

Doug Busbee
BlackJack Customer Since 1992

"I've tried the others, and the BlackJack is the best frame machine for the money, bar none.  I've used six different frame machines, and I'll put this machine against any of them.  It's compact and powerful.  I've used Align-right, True Ways, and Challenger, but they don't compare to this machine.  Those big towers look impressive, but they don't match up to the power of the BlackJack."

Dale Lovitt
Lovitt's Auto Sales

In December of 2009, Dale bought a 5 pull BlackJack Frame Machine for his body shop to add to his old two tower machine. He and his crew liked it so well that 5 months later he bought his second 5 pull BlackJack Frame Machine.

"Getting these cars and trucks ready for the sales yard has just gotten a lot easier."


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